An excellent approach to start making money quickly and with no risk is to start a sublimation mug business. Mugs, sublimation printers, and ink are among the many necessary supplies.


The method of mug printing involves applying heat and pressure to a prepared blank surface like a mug or T-shirt to infuse the surface with dyes. Sublimation ink, like dry ice, can directly transition from a solid to a gas, making it ideal for this operation. This may be done either with a mug printer or with an oven-safe mug printer.

Poorly Executed Publicity Materials

An essential component is the sublimation mug press. There are entry-level machines that can be had for as little as $129 and which are limited to producing a single size and quantity of mugs, but as production volume increases, more expensive presses may be acquired which can produce a wider variety of mugs.

Blank Coffee Mugs

Many online stores provide white mugs with the proper coating. You can’t apply the coating yourself; it has to be done in a factory. Companies can save money by purchasing in large quantities.

Ink For Color Changing

Bottles, not cartridges, are the delivery mechanism for this unique ink. If you want to avoid wasting time and ink setting up and troubleshooting, it’s worth it to spring for name-brand inks, which are less likely to create printer problems.

Printing Of Sublimation Mugs

The other significant piece of machinery is this one. It is recommended to have a separate printer for sublimation ink printing, even if you already own an ink-jet printer.

Transparency And Thermal Tape

You’ll need this to print your design on before adhering it to the cup with hot tape. It’s not necessary to use a custom paper size for printing on mugs; an A4 sheet would do. While the mug is being heated and pressed, this tape keeps the design in place. It is heat resistant up to 260 degrees Celsius.

Paper Trimmer And Packaging materials

A paper cutter is preferable to scissors for making precise, even cuts of the desired length. If you need to measure the circumference of the mug, I recommend using a sewing-type soft measuring tape. To ensure that your customers’ mugs arrive in pristine shape, invest in mug boxes fitted with Styrofoam mug supports.

Making and Altering Pictures

Some printers come with sufficient software, but if you intend to make your own designs, it’s best to invest in a program like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or CorelDRAW. You can find online mug templates to help you scale your designs to the correct dimensions.

Money Spent on Sublimation Operations

Keep in mind that the price of the mug, the ink, and the paper are just the beginning of your operating costs. Consider the depreciation of costly machinery like printing presses and other equipment, as well as the cost of utilities, taxes, and insurance, as well as your own salary when figuring out your true overhead costs.


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