The boom lift is a helpful machine or equipment for vertical and horizontal work. This equipment is most widely used for construction projects, industrial tasks, and outdoor aerial jobs. The boom lift’s platform is smaller than a scissor lift, but the height limit is higher. Boom lifts have made reaching heights and difficult places easy and provided safety. Using a standard ladder, fork lift or man lift will undoubtedly be dangerous for going high places. That’s why the boom lift was introduced so workers could perform their duty in a safer environment. You can get the work done at any elevation using a boom lift.

Basics of boom lift

A boom lift consists of a base engine or truck, a long arm, and a bucket. The bucket is also known as the platform. The platform is the place where you can carry tools, small equipment, and workers. The arm of the lift is attached to the base at the ground. The bottom controls the movement of the arm in upward, downward, and circular directions. The hydraulic lift system makes the process easy and convenient. The operator controls the arm and elevates the workers to the place of application. The two main types of boom lifts are telescopic boom lifts and articulating boom lifts. The difference between these two is the structure and movement of arms. The telescopic boom lift’s arm works only inward and outward or upward and downwards. At the same time, the articulating boom lift’s arm can bend too. On the other hand, the weight capacity of telescopic boom lifts is high. But if you have to work where the movement of the bucket around the object is necessary, then you should go for the option of articulating lift.

Difference between a scissor and a boom lift

Although both lifts are used for ariel jobs, scissor lifts are significantly designed for moving in an upward and downward direction only. The arm will be added to the boom lift, providing forward and backward motion and flexibility at height.

Most common uses of articulating boom lift

The projects decide which lift will be best for performing the job. For working at high places, the common choice of contractors is boom lift. The reason is that boom lifts provide safety for workers, higher capability, easy mobility, and increased stability. All these qualities of boom lift make working on the project efficient and safer. Also, for working in the air, boom lifts are beneficial. Some of the uses are given below. But boom lift is not limited to these applications only.

  • Hanging signs
  • Lighting work
  • Painting ceilings and walls
  • Fruit picking in gardens and farms
  • Erecting scaffolding

Choosing the correct lift

A boom lift is used when you have to work in high places where a forklift cannot work. You can fit them with tracks, treads, or tires. These can be four or two wheels, depending on your chosen model. Many of the lifts in the market come with self-leveling features; operators can set them up at construction or working site in minutes.


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